Who We Are

Red Incentives. The Brand Name Vendors gateway to the specialized supply chain of Rewards Programs used by the Premium & Incentives Industry.
Amplify your sales with…

  • A fresh company with seasoned experience. We know the buyer and the end-consumer. Pure and simple!
  • A company known for their insight, foresight and vision.
  • A company who has successfully forecasted consumer demand translating into millions in sales for our Brand Name clients.
  • A company who always strives to be aware of emerging markets trends and consumer demands.
  • A company with insider knowledge of Incentive Program Buyers preferences.
  • A company who is passionate about the lines we represent, consistently, and accurately. No misrepresentation of your Brands when you choose us. We are just that Selective!

Our integrity dictates we deliver on our word, comprehensively and efficiently.

It’s about people, motivating them, inspiring them, keeping them Brand loyal.

We look forward to partnering with you, we are always working hard to bring access to Brand Name and Niche market products.